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Caleigha Gotthardt (Salazar) was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and is an enrolled member of the Native Village of Tyonek and Kenaitze Indian Tribe.
Her family is from Tyonek (Sunrise Family) and King Island (Munson Family), Alaska.

She is a multi-media artist that creates contemporary artwork utilizing, Ivory, Baleen, and Sealskin.
While she is relatively newer up and coming artist, her work can be seen throughout the community, including but not limited to, gift shops, Museums, Native Corporations, and The Native Art Market in Scottsdale, Arizona.
She currently sells her work under the name HRAFN, which serves as a play on words on her mixed background of Swedish, Inupiat, and Athabaskan..-
HRAFN, pronounced "ra-fen" is old Norse for Raven, Which is a prominent figure in Inupiaq and Athabascan stories/ History-

In addition to the above, Caleigha Gotthardt also serves as the Treasurer for Alaska Native Artwork, Inc.
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