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What Materials do you use?
- Our Raw Materials are all from Subsistence in Alaskan Native Communities. Our Fossilized Materials are found on coastal communities and the interior of Alaska
We use; Walrus Ivory (Tusks), Bowhead Whale Baleen, Ringed, Fur, and Spotted Seal , River Otter, Beaver, Wolf, Lynx ,Fox, Rabbit, Fossilized Walrus Ivory, Fossilized Mammoth Ivory.

What Metals do you use?
925 Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Only.

Do you Ship Internationally?
No, the Marine Mammal Protection Act Prohibits these materials from being exported from the U.S.


Do you Ship to the Lower 48?
Yes! However some states have restricted the sale of Ivory, including Walrus Ivory. Please check your local laws.

Do you take Custom Orders?
At this time I do not.

Do you Wholesale?
Yes! please reach out and I will send you Wholesale pricing.


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